SCSU Homecoming 2011

Homecoming was a zoo… I did approximately 2 1/2 parties, (one of em got shut down) and ate some dope ass tailgate food.  I also had a little run in with the law that I won’t give too many details about, but no worries. All is well now and I still have a clean record. 
If anyone has video of that week, I’d LOVE to see it. Some crazy shyt went down at the parties I played at. Lol.
The “Penthouse” party… The signs were hilarious.
The homie DJ Sway… We spun the illest day party. That picture’s from Part 2: The Night Party. Hilarity ensues below.
???? Lmao. Someone HAS to have video.

Integrated sets… Shyt was live.

See the rest of the pics here

House Party-December 2011

Headed back to Brooklyn for winter break, and I was blessed enough to land a few gigs on my time off… This one was a birthday party for my homie Rachel. We danced, ate food, and made funny faces…
Stare at the rest of the pics…  Click here
Props to Dante for the photography!


As things progress, I figured I need one central place where I can document all the craziness that happens at the events I’m DJing… So until the official website, this’ll do.

I’ll be putting up some older stuff too, so don’t laugh.