Stereotape 005 KERIMix



The homies over at StereoChampions asked me to lay down 30 minutes of my style for their blog, so of course I obliged. Also put a preview of another remix at the end. Adding some final touches to it so I can get it out to you guys! Take a listen!
To see the write up they posted click here.

Lucky Vibes KERIMix

I recorded this live from a new spot I’ve been playing called Lucky Bar. Hard to label this one, but it’s all good vibes for sure. And I left a treat at the end…

I’m finding a lot of good music these days, and it’s been really inspiring so I’ve been in this awesome headspace musically. There’s a good scene growing right now. One where we’re way more open with the kinds of music we like, and more and more genres are starting to blur together. Music we used to get laughed at for listening to is becoming acceptable, and that’s so dope to me… I say all that to say this. The last song on this mix is a preview of a remix that I produced… What should we call it?