DMC Online Competition!

So I’ve been competing in some serious DJ competitions lately, and it’s been going really well. I placed in the top 6 DJ’s in two different cities in the last few months. Now I’m going into the world’s largest DJ competition which required me to put one of my routines online. The support I have been getting has been crazy, and I just wanna give a big thank you to everyone that has watched, shared, and voted for me since this has started. If you haven’t already, check it out and follow the instructions in the description to vote for me…. For more information on the battle, and to check out some of the other entries head over to the DMC DJ Online Website.

Weekend Line Up 05/22/15

Got a real heavy weekend ahead of me. The NY regional leg of the DMC is full of great talent, so I’m anxious to see where I fit in.  I’m super hype to play for the Youth Empowerment Forum though! Always dope connecting with the younger generation. They got next!
P.S. Feel free to bring me a Red Bull. Lol.

Live At The Fillmore

Had a blast in January… The new year is off to a great start. Getting my foot into new places, and rocking crowds from all parts of the music scene. The footage above was from my 2nd show at The Fillmore Silver Spring. Had no clue dude was filming either. Zoned out.

I was also using paper towels for slip-mats. Lol.