SCSU Homecoming 2011

Homecoming was a zoo… I did approximately 2 1/2 parties, (one of em got shut down) and ate some dope ass tailgate food.  I also had a little run in with the law that I won’t give too many details about, but no worries. All is well now and I still have a clean record. 
If anyone has video of that week, I’d LOVE to see it. Some crazy shyt went down at the parties I played at. Lol.
The “Penthouse” party… The signs were hilarious.
The homie DJ Sway… We spun the illest day party. That picture’s from Part 2: The Night Party. Hilarity ensues below.
???? Lmao. Someone HAS to have video.

Integrated sets… Shyt was live.

See the rest of the pics here

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